Creation of a series' story for Disney+, design of its graphic universe and creation of a transmedia communication campaign.
February 2020
Create a new series for Disney+

As part of an educational project during two weeks, we had to create a new series for Disney+ and promote it with a transmedia communication strategy.

How to create a series for Disney+ while developing its story in a transmedia communication campaign

A colorful hight concept

Ava, an introverted child, is often with her head in the clouds. Full of sadness, she no longer perceives colors. Driven by Pipo, her imaginary friend, she is ready to do anything to relearn how to color her world vision. Her quest for happiness is full of pitfalls. The Devourer, a gigantic black and deformed force that is the incarnation of her unhappiness, keeps gnawing at her from day to day.

Characters with colored personalities

Our story is made up of several characters with different personalities and accessories: Ava & her father, Pipo, The Devourer, Colin, Antoine and Mrs. Petulipe.

An artistic direction full of fall colors

Our universe is a two-faceted world. On one side there is the world with the warm colors of the fall, common to the majority of people. And on the other, there is a world in shades of blue-grey, frightening and stifling for depressed people.

Before defining our artistic direction, we made a moodboard that shows these two facets of our world. Then we determined the colors, the typography, the logo, the poster, the scenery and the characters.

A transmedia communication to give you rose-tinted glasses

The whole of our communication focuses on resilience, a theme that is specific to the journey of Ava, the main character of our series.

Our communication targets parents and young children. By discovering our series, we promise our spectators that their problems will become ridiculous and that they will now enjoy every moment, even the simplest ones.

A bullying awareness booklet

Ava is an isolated and often harassed child, like many young people today. Therefore, we felt it was important for students, schools and parents to have a bullying awareness booklet available to them.

The purpose of this booklet would be to help young people understand what bullying is, and what impact it can have on their construction. The goal of this tool would be to put words to what we experience, to bounce back stronger and stronger.

Awareness communication on Instagram

To support our communication with schools, we have also decided to create an Instagram account in which we will post messages popularizing the theme of school bullying while raising awareness on these issues.

A promotional campaign on Instagram

In order to recover from bullying or any other harm that may come our way, it is important to remember happy events from our past. This is precisely the exercise Ms. Pétulipe suggested to Ava's class: "Represent your happiest memory". A subject that our community will also be able to discuss directly on Instagram.

A video game

After Ava presented her best memory in front of her entire class, she felt humiliated by her teacher after her remarks. She then fell into a deep loneliness and depression.

That's the story of our online game, in which users will have the mission to help Pipo push Ava's bad thoughts away. The girl has to fight her feelings in order to hope to bounce back and get out of her depression.

A stunt

Colin, Ava's classmate, also tries to help Ava out of her sadness. He suggests that she go to the Fête des Couleurs, an experience that some lucky people will also be able to enjoy, in the heart of Paris, Place de la République.

A mobile application for a treasure hunt throughout France

It is during the festival of colors, that Ava starts looking for her friend Pipo, very dear to her eyes, it is him who helps her to get back on track. The community will be able to help the heroine during her search thanks to the Pipolo application.

Consult the interactive map to know where Pipo is. He's hiding, we'll have to find him! Is Pipo here? Take a picture of him from the application. A second Pipo found? Consult your collection and look at the ones you still have to find.

A calendar to break the daily routine

Finally, according to Pipo's advice, we must always do simple things to rediscover the joy of life. In the series, Ava goes back to painting or helps her parents in the fields by making a calendar "made by Pipo" listing simple tasks to stay happy and break the routine.  Here is a copy that will be available in Disney stores.

A website, the centerpiece of our communication

All this communication is organized around a central piece, the website, which brings together our different channels and promotes the release of this new series. We also find there the universe of the film and its different protagonists.

Sacha Tourtoulou
Artistic Director
Louise Bonnaves
Brand Designer
Sacha Tourtoulou
Print Designer
Louise Bonnaves, Sacha Tourtoulou
Louise Bonnaves, Morgane Lapisardi
Product Designer
Diego Fernandez, Louis Stuyck, Sacha Tourtoulou
Game Designer
Yoan Gross, Thomas Lacroix
Sound Designer
Louise Bonnaves, Yoan Gross, Thomas Lacroix
Lead 3D
Joseph Giraud
Valentin Canaux, Viktor Fernandez, Natha Fleury, Alexandre His, Jeanne Martin, Johanna Rodrigues
Yoan Gross, Félix Guérin, Thomas Lacroix
Marketing strategy
Louise Bonnaves, Sacha Tourtoulou
Louise Bonnaves, Diego Fernandez, Yoan Gross, Félix Guérin, Morgane Lapisardi, Thomas Lacroix, Louis Stuyck, Sacha Tourtoulou
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