Mobile application allowing visitors to the Olympic Games to attend their favorite competitions while avoiding traffic congestion in the host cities.
February 2020
Several screens of Geolympics
Transport, a key challenge for the Olympic and Paralympic host cities

For Paris 2024, it is estimated that more than 10 million visitors, in addition to Parisians and regular tourists, will use public transport to attend the competitions, but also to go to work or visit the region. This is a major challenge for the region: how to manage this crowd of travellers?

The city of Paris has announced that all competitions will take place no more than 45 minutes from the centre of Paris; but, 6 out of 16 metro lines have frequent delays and it is often very difficult for tourists to find their way around. Therefore, alternatives must be found.

How can we guarantee smooth mobility for all spectators at the Olympic and Paralympic Games so they can enjoy their favorite competitions?

Wireframes of Geolympics
A concept that can be used by all cities hosting big events

Geolympic is an application to help Olympic and Paralympic Games visitors enjoy their favorite competitions by offering them alternative routes to reduce transport congestion in the host cities.

The application has three goals:

1. Optimize travel by selecting in advance of the competitions you wish to attend. The application will generate a schedule for the user for each day.

2. Inform the user of the traffic situation, which will allow him to change his route to arrive at his destination on time.

3. Organize your trip by having access to the detailed schedule of each day.

Logo of Geolympics
An application targeting athletes, patriots and tourists at the same time

The application should be able to be used by sports fans who come to Paris only to attend competitions; patriots, who wish to rediscover Paris by watching events in iconic places in Paris; and finally tourists who take advantage of the hosting of the Olympic and Paralympic Games to visit Paris.

Onboarding flow of Geolympics
An easy to use application

1. Choose the day on which you would like to attend the Olympic and Paralympic Games and select your favorite sports.

2. Choose the most convenient route to get to the first stop of the schedule generated by the application based on the choices you entered in the previous step.

3. Follow the instructions and, once you arrive at the competition site, the application will display your e-ticket. Is the event over? Let's go for the second competition.

Sports selection flow of Geolympics
Itinerary flow of Geolympics
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E-billet flow of Geolympics
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