Assistant for the psychologist in order to improve the follow-up to their patients from session to session.
January 2020
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A world with very little digitalization, but a lot of needs

During therapy, the psychologist must listen to and retain the patient's speech in order to help him or her heal quickly. However, after several interviews with psychologists and patients, we have identified a major problem: when the psychologist takes too many notes and when he doesn't take any at all, the patient doesn't feel he is being listened to enough. The psychologist must therefore find the right balance to gain the patient's trust.

Note-taking also complicates the psychologist work because he has to select the information that seems important to him and may miss information that is behind trivial information.

How to assist psychologists during their sessions to improve their patient follow-up?

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Allow the psychologist to listen carefully and take notes at the same time

The application is based on voice input: it transcribes everything the patient says and identifies recurring words, themes and expressions. The application then generates graphs showing the frequency of the patient's use of the themes, session after session.

Thanks to the graphs, the psychologist can more easily identify problem areas and heal his patient more quickly.

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Data protection first

In order to guarantee medical secrecy, the application and all patient data, which are moreover anonymized, are protected by a code that the psychologist has to change often. Also, before each session begins, the patient must give his or her consent before starting the recording. The goal is not to lose the patient's trust.

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A tool that allows you to manage your sessions

The application can also help the psychologist manage his or her schedule. He or she can add or delete patients and set up the next sessions.

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