Web application allowing companies to create impactful stories (as on Instagram) to better engage their audience.
August 2019
Several screens of Once
Replace the slides with a innovative format

During an internship at eFounders, a startup studio based in Paris, I had the chance to work on the Once project. Its goal, to replace the slides with impactful and interactive stories that will better engage the audience you want to target.

How to create a tool for non-designers to design impactful stories allowing them to better engage their audience?

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A tool accessible to everyone

The challenge of the tool is to make it accessible to non-designers thanks to the integration of predefined text styles, colors and blocks, while allowing for customization to make the results reflect the company's charter of the story's creator.

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Measure the stories' impact

The tool allows you to create stories that users can interact with, through surveys, text fields, a scoring system and more. This required the creation of a platform that allows you to collect all the users' answers.

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Simple branding, just like our tools

The branding reflects the simplicity of the tool. The suspension points and serif font represent the storytelling of a story. The 3 dots also refer to the several frames that compose a story and finally, the last dot represents the interactivity of the stories created with our tool.

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UX Designer
Didier Forest, Axel Le Pennec, Meghan Regior, Sacha Tourtoulo
UI Designer
Didier Forest, Meghan Regior, Sacha Tourtoulou
Frontend Development
Arthur Bonnecarrere, Florian Venturini
Backend Development
Arthur Bonnecarrere, Florian Venturini
Content Marketing
Arthur Bonnecarrere
Arthur Bonnecarrere
Once (made during my internship at eFounders)
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