Supli Suppliers

Desktop and mobile back-office allowing suppliers to better manage their orders, customers, catalogs, deliveries and more.
May 2020
Several screens of Supli Suppliers
Improve the dialogue between suppliers and restaurateurs using digital tools

Supli is a French startup specialized in catering in which I had the chance to work with her, in freelance, in parallel with my studies at HETIC. I accompanied them in the total overhaul of the UX and UI Design of the supplier side.

How to facilitate the work of suppliers thanks to digital while promoting their products?

Order management of Supli Suppliers
An overlay to the suppliers' ERP

Supli Suppliers is a back-office composed of several tabs allowing suppliers to connect their data from their ERP to Supli in order to promote them to restaurateurs. The goal is to increase supplier visibility.

Through the use of supplier ERP data, the platform can also measure a large number of KPIs on products and supplier orders.

Charts of Supli Suppliers
KPI of Supli Suppliers
A simple but complete platform

Supli Suppliers allows suppliers to better manage their orders, customers, catalogs and deliveries. The challenge was to create a tool that was as simple as possible because the restaurant world is a world with very little digitalization.

Order creation of Supli Suppliers
Users of Supli Suppliers
Calendar view of Supli Suppliers
A slightly different mobile version

A mobile version has also been created to allow the suppliers' sales representatives to meet with customers to present the platform's new functionalities.

Thus, the mobile version has fewer functionalities.

Mobile App of Supli Suppliers
The system also generates several documents

Supli also generates other documents such as e-mails for users or picking slips to help suppliers to prepare their orders.

Email of Supli Suppliers
Document of Supli Suppliers
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Sacha Tourtoulou
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